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Halloween Ghosts in the Graveyard Brownie Treats

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BOO! And Happy Halloween! All ages are going to LOVE these gooey-rich brownies with chocolate-covered ghosts, tombstones, trees, and candy pumpkins! So simple to make, and will bring devilishly-happy, chocolate-covered smiles from your favorite little ghosts and goblins! Perfect for parties and fundraisers! 



Hello!! And please forgive me for posting this “early”, as it isn’t even October yet. (I used to do a TON of charity work. And when making treats and providing for several hundred hungry “little monsters”…er…kids,… you MUST plan in advance!) 

No matter what event I was cooking, grilling, smoking, or baking for, I would make sure that I started my homework and planning sometimes *months* ahead of time.

So, with that said, I hope that no one thinks that this is too soon. (Plus, I must admit, that I just LOVE Halloween!) I get to see all the kids, and watch their faces light up when they receive special treats made with care! So I was excited to just go ahead and share this one “early”! 

And, yo, just look at what simple ingredients these ghoulish treats use!  ANYONE can make these with EASE!




Well, I guess if I’m jumping ahead into the holidays, which I DO NOT normally do, I did think to go ahead and refer you to the other half of the brownies and supplies that I had bought and made, and share what I did with the rest of my Halloween stash for Thanksgiving treats. 

The neighborhood LOVED them! And I hope that you’ll forgive me for adding this. (*But I hate waste. And this is what you can do with anything leftover.) 

So, if you are only making treats for the family or a small group, I hope this, too, helps you with more ideas for the next holiday coming up! 

These are my “Thanksgiving Candy Turkey Brownies“, and were adored by everyone!  





Ok, so….

Back to Halloween! 

I do wish that I had taken the time to snap more pics for you, but I didn’t foresee that these were going to be so stinkin’ cute! But, seriously, they’re just so simple-easy that for this post, I hope that extra photos aren’t even needed. 





Just bake a pan of your favorite brownies, (I just used a mix — *see in above pic), and followed the directions for the thicker style. That way, I was sure that they would be sturdy enough, and easy to pick up. 

While they cool, line baking sheets with parchment paper to make your decorations. 

I used “Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies” for the ghosts and tombstones, but you can use whatever kind you enjoy, store-bought or homemade. I dipped the whole cookies into melted chocolate for the ghosts, and broke the cookies in half to make the tombstones. Just lay the chocolate-coated cookies onto the parchment paper as you go along, and decorate with melted chocolate if you want to write on them.


The trees were the most fun, though! I simply used melted (quality) chocolate chips and piped them onto the parchment, going over the stump and the bases of the branches several times for extra sturdiness.

*You still have to be careful removing them once they’ve hardened, as they are brittle and can break easily, but also easily fixed! Just set it back down, re-chill, then mend and fix with more melted chocolate. Chill again, and try, try again. And they don’t have to be perfect.

Or, you can always lay down the branches that broke off onto the “ground” for an even more authentic graveyard look! Just have fun! The kids will LOVE them no matter what they end up looking like! 

(*There are more directions below, of course, but these are the main decorations and how I made them.) And they are SO very easy to make. So, no worries! Just go for it! And ALWAYS, always, always, just have fun! 




And, if you’re looking for more Halloween treats, let me share some more spooky-fun ideas I’ve made in the past! 

An oldie but still a favorite of young and old alike, these “Halloween Tombstone Treats“!





And here is an idea for you when wanting to give your guests their own little treat with their name on it at the table! 

My “Halloween Harvest Haystack Placesetting Nametags“!





And these little cuties? Yeah, they are just too stinkin’ cute!! Perfect for when you aren’t looking for the macabre, and don’t want to scare the little ones! 

My “Spooky Halloween Mice Brownies“!





But, on the other hand, if you ARE looking for a wee little scare…these “Fudgy Chocolate Halloween Cookies” just might be the spooky treat that you’re looking for!

And, hello, how cool would they look under a black light, right? Super cool glow-in-the-dark with fall flavors?!! OMG, perfect!! This are just a must make! 





So, hey, if you’re looking for super fun, and super easy treats to make for several of the upcoming holidays, I do hope that I have helped, and have provided you with many ideas to play with! 





You all have a most wonderful fall, y’all!! And I hope to not have my health get in the way in the future to keep sharing many more ideas for you! 

Take care, and stay safe and healthy!! 






Halloween Ghosts in the Graveyard Brownie Treats



one box brownie mix; baked according to directions, cooled, cut into squares
1 – 2 tubs chocolate frosting
1 bag quality white chocolate chips, I used Ghirardelli
1 bag quality semi-sweet or milk chocolate chips, I used Ghirardelli
1 bag Nutter Butter Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies
1 bag Autumn Mix Mellowcream Candy Corn and Pumpkins candies
black or gray (gel or paste) food coloring, or mix red and blue or white and black
seasonal fall-colored candy sprinkles



Bake one pan of brownies according to boxed mix, cool. Cut into squares. (*I followed the directions for thicker brownies in the smaller pan.) 

For Trees: Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Melt chocolate chips according to package directions. Pour into a pastry bag, and fit with a very small, round tip. (*You can also use a baggie and snip one corner off if you don’t have pastry stuff.) Pipe melted chocolate into tree shapes making trunk thick for sturdiness. Sprinkle with seasonal, fall-colored, candy sprinkles for leaves. Refrigerate until fully hardened.

For Ghosts: Melt some white chocolate chips according to package directions and dip cookies, turning, until completely coated. Place chocolate covered cookies onto waxed or parchment paper. Decorate with a little chocolate frosting or melted chocolate chips, piping, to make faces. Chill until set and hardened. 

For Tombstones: Melt more white chocolate chips, stir in food coloring until gray-colored. Cut more cookies in half, and coat well in the chocolate mixture. Place onto waxed or parchment paper. Decorate tombstones with chocolate frosting or melted chocolate chips, piping, whatever you’d like them to say. (Names and dates,”Happy Halloween”, funny sayings, etc.) Chill until completely set. 

Place cut brownies onto a serving platter, frost tops with chocolate frosting. With a steak or butter knife, insert into brownies to easily push in ghosts, trees, and tombstones. Sprinkle tops with candy sprinkles. Decorate with candy pumpkins. 

For extra fun, you can melt more chocolate chips to make bats and even broomsticks! Whatever makes your Halloween treats happy! 



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