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Thanksgiving Candy Turkey Brownies

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Cute as a button, and so, so easy-to-make brownies perfect for Thanksgiving! Rich, fudgy brownies, topped with frosting, and decorated with adorable turkeys using ingredients that are easy to find at about any grocery store near you! Adults and children alike will gobble-gobble these adorable turkeys right up! 


My sincerest apologies for this recipe being late! It sadly could not be helped, though. My poor old computer needed a major fixing, and was in the shop for 2 whole months! I swear I was about to lose it. 

I got it back briefly, (just for 2 days only!), and just long enough to squeeze in the last post. But, then, it immediately started acting up again. Grrrrrr. 

Boy. Computers sure are a love/hate thing, aren’t they?!! 

We love them when they work. But when they don’t, it’s so frustrating!! Wowzers. 

But it’s now working beautifully, and I’ll be catching up posts as best I can for you! Again, my most sincere apologies!




So, better late than never! And there’s always next year, right? Just save these to your ol’ Pinterest board, or print it out and tuck it under your wing for Thanksgiving 2021. Next year will be a much better year for us all anyway!


So. These are so super fun to make, and believe it or not, EASY, too! I started with my favorite brownie mix, but do choose your own favorite, or best batch of homemade!

*I did make the small, square pan batch size for these, as I wanted them to be nice and sturdy. And that worked out extremely well. So, you might want to do the same. 

I also totally cheated on the frosting, too. I used the store-bought tub stuff, and it was actually pretty good! But if you have a favorite recipe, go for it! 





I also used melted chocolate chips, the good ones, for the trees, used candy corns, and Reeses Thins for the turkeys, and some really nice autumn-colored sprinkles for the leaves.

*The only item in the photo that I did not use for this was the cookies. I made Halloween ones that include those, and I’ll get that recipe to you quickly as well. They’re also stinkin’ cute!! 






To make the trees, just line a baking sheet with parchment paper, melt the chocolate chips according to the directions, pour the melted chocolate into a pastry bag fitted with a vey small, round tip, and just squeeze the chocolate onto the paper in the shape of a tree. Sprinkle with colored sprinkles for leaves. 

*Be sure to make the trunk thick, going over it several times for sturdiness. 

Pop into the fridge to fully harden. 





For the turkeys, simply frost one side of a Reeses Thin (or regular), and place candy corns onto the frosting for tail feathers and legs. Top with another Reeses.

With more frosting, stick on pieces of whole and cut up candy corns making a face. 

The wing is, of course, optional. But so adorable! I couldn’t resist! 

Then just refrigerate these, too, so that the frosting can harden up. 

Lastly, assemble!

Frost your brownies, (*use a butter knife to make slits into the tops to insert the trees and turkeys easier), and add more sprinkles and a pumpkin.


Complete and total adorableness!! 




These Thanksgiving Candy Turkey Brownies will bring smiles by the miles, giggles, and add so much fun to your holiday table!

I do hope you save this, and have a most wonderful holiday season! 

Stay safe, warm, and please don’t forget to wear your mask! 





Thanksgiving Candy Turkey Brownies

Makes 9 -16 treats (Depending on size of pan preferred)



one 8×8, 9×9, or 13×9 pan of brownies; baked according to box directions, cooled, and cut into serving-sized bars or squares
1 bag quality milk or semi-sweet chocolate chips, I used Ghirardelli 
1 – 2 cans chocolate frosting, room temperature
1 bag chocolate-covered peanut butter candy, Reeses Thins (or regular)
1 bag Autumn Mix Mellowcream Assorted Candy Corn and Pumpkins
seasonal candy sprinkles 


Bake one pan of brownies according to box, cool. Cut into squares. 

For Trees: Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Melt chocolate chips according to package directions. Pour into a pastry bag, and fit with a very small, round tip. (*You can also use a baggie and snip one corner off if you don’t have pastry stuff.) Pipe melted chocolate into tree shapes making trunk thick for sturdiness. Sprinkle with seasonal, fall-colored, candy sprinkles for leaves. Refrigerate until fully hardened. 

For Turkeys: Frost one side of a Reeses Thin. Press on candy corns for tail feathers and legs. Place onto a baking sheet. Press on another Reeses right on top. Decorate top using more frosting and candies making a face. Pop into fridge to harden also. 

To Assemble: Frost tops of brownies. Using a butterknife, make slits into top of brownies and insert trees and turkeys, standing them up. Add more sprinkles for leaves and place a pumpkin on one corner next to your turkey. And…WAH-LAH! Done. Enjoy!! 



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