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Poor Man’s Mimosas (Holiday Cocktail with Alcohol or Virgin)

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A special holiday cocktail made affordable that’s just as tasty as the original! Wonderful for brunch, lunch, or while snuggled on the couch, all settled in to enjoy while watching your favorite holiday movies! This is truly a delicious treat that’s a must-make!! Open your presents, make a toast, and enjoy! Merry Christmas and Happiest of Holidays to all! 



Though I’m not much for hard alcoholic cocktails, I do very much enjoy a good mimosa on special occasions! 

What are “mimosas”? They’re simply orange juice and champagne. And, Ohhhh so delicious!! 

But, seriously, who can afford champagne these days, right? 

So, after we actually DID purchase a mid-priced bottle for our anniversary, and we had orange juice left over, I used the very last of the o.j. and added it into a mug of light beer. 

And boy what a surprise!!! It was good. I mean, REALLY good!! 





It’s always been tradition for us to have good mimosas just once a year or less, usually for either Christmas morning or New Year’s Day, but no way was I going to let my hubby purchase another bottle of champagne. Just too expensive. 

But we did have extra light beer, and orange juice is a staple in our house….

….sooooooo, in wanting something “special”, to not commit bloody murder while trying to put the dreaded Christmas lights on the tree, I decided to have a few, what I’m calling, “Poor Man’s Mimosas” to get me through the trauma of tree decorating! 

Most fun I’ve ever had decorating the tree!!! 


And these were just so good that I decided to share them with you!  (Don’t judge, they really were quite awesome! And orange juice makes everything healthy, right?) (wink!) 





I’m an extra-light beer enjoyer, so I simply used Budweiser’s Natural Light. Any light beer will work just fine, though, such as Bud Light or Coor’s Light. 

But if you prefer a heavier beer, as does my hubby, you can try that, too. 

And if you don’t prefer alcohol, or the kiddos are wanting one too, these can be made “virgin” by adding 7up or Sprite! Even a sparkling white grape juice would be wonderful! 






Since light beer doesn’t have a very strong flavor, I found that the best ratio was 3/4 beer to 1/4 orange juice. 






But you can certainly try 1/2 and 1/2 and then adjust to your own personal preference from there. 





You don’t have to decorate the glasses, but it being the holidays, it really made the cocktail that much more special and so festive!

And if serving to guests, you can have them already garnished, set out, and ready to go! 

I used fresh orange slices, green lime candies, and candied maraschino cherries. 





So simple, but so delicious and refreshing!! 





And, the best part, they don’t cost an arm and a leg, but yet, have a surprisingly fancy taste!

(Almost) as good as the original! Can’t beat that!!





So, if you’re looking for a festive, pretty, inexpensive yet delicious cocktail to serve during the holidays, you just found it!! 





Quick and easy, sparkling and refreshing, and easy on the pocketbook, these Poor Man’s Mimosas will become a yearly holiday favorite in our house, and I hope, your house, too!!

So pour a glass, cuddle up, and enjoy your favorite movies in front of the tree!

Merry Christmas and Happiest of Holidays to all, and to all a great night!!




Poor Man’s Mimosas
(Holiday Cocktail with Alcohol or Virgin)



orange juice, with or without pulp
light beer, regular beer, 7up or Sprite, (or cheap but tasty Champagne!)

fresh orange slices
red maraschino cherries
green candies or candied green cherries



Slice orange(s) in half in the center between the ends, (not through the ends). Then cut as many thin slices as you need. Cut a slit from the center out to the rind in between a section , and open slightly to place onto the rim of the glasses. Cut a slit up from the bottom of the cherries and candies, only halfway up, and place them on, too.

Pour as much beer into the glasses as you like, then top off with orange juice. 

Make a toast, clink the glasses, and enjoy!! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all! 



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