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Triple Cheese BBQ Steakhouse Burgers

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Missing your favorite burgers from your neighborhood hangout? Well, these burgers to the rescue! Quick and easy to fix, and every bit as good as the local corner pub or town steakhouse! Nicely seasoned, slathered with a special bbq-steak sauce, smothered with 3 cheeses, grilled any way you like them, and WAH-LAH!!  You’re right back in burger heaven!  



Summer is far from over, and there’s still lots of grilling fun to be had! Since we’re in the middle of a horrid heatwave, I’ve been escaping the suffocating heat of the kitchen and finding it so much easier, and much more fun, to just cook every meal that I can right outdoors!

Less dishes and cleanup to do afterwards, too! Now THAT’S a nice win-win bonus! 

And with Labor Day right around the corner, I figured I’d better be sharing some of the wonderful, but easy-to-make, bbq dishes before the summer ends! 





The town we live in pretty much sucks for a good burger joint. There’s either super thin smash burgers that are overcooked and dry as shoe leather, or the usual fast food mega-monsters. And that’s it!

So, when we crave an awesome, juicy, tender burger, one that you can really sink your teeth into, one that you can actually taste that’s not over powered by an enormous bun or drowned out with a crapload of wilted condiments, we just prefer to make them ourselves! 

And my burgers NEVER disappoint! 





First, one of the secrets to a great burger is to not use too lean a beef. Honestly, 70% ALWAYS yields a great, juicy burger! And a lot of the fat will melt and drip away from the burger during cooking, so you really NEED that little bit of extra fat in there or it’s going to end up being dry and tough. 





Our stores have been pretty barren and scarce due to the pandemic, and I had to settle for 85% lean. So, I just snuck in a nice splash (1/4 cup) of beer! But do try to use ground beef that has more fat added. Trust me on this! 

I formed them into 2 gorgeous patties, then seasoned them well with two different grinds of pepper, salt, and garlic and onion powders. Nothing fancy, as a great burger doesn’t really need anything more!

Then just get that grill fired up! I used a gas grill for ease and quickness, because it was more  than a 100 degrees outside in the sun, and so humid that I could actually SEE the moisture in the air! And, I don’t know about you, but I was in NO mood to enjoy sweating into a dripping, messy puddle. So, the charcoal grill was NOT even a brief consideration! 

(The heat is one thing. I can handle that. But when the humidity makes you feel like you’re wrapped in a wet blanket and can’t breath, it just sucks the fun out of everything.) 





Ok. So once your grill is hot and ready, place those gorgeous patties onto oiled grates and close the lid. 

Then turn them and flip them when you see a nice color and grill marks. Don’t overcook them, because next we’re going to start basting! 






Don’t be shy with this stuff! It’s AWESOME, and really takes this burger to totally delicious, food coma level! 






I baste them, and baste them, and baste them again! Letting each layer cook and stick! And getting those layers of sauce on there real good on both sides! 






Drool-worthy. I know. 

Then just move them over to the cool side once they’re done inside to how you like them. This will keep them from getting cold, let the juices settle while keeping them warm, and without cooking them any further. 

And now’s the time to add that cheese, too!






Turn your grill up to high on the hot side, and butter the insides of those buns!






Place the buns on the grill, buttered side down, and grill them until nicely toasted. *Do this with the grill lid open. 






If you have sauce leftover, you can brush some on the insides of the toasted buns, or spread a little mayo on the insides, or just go commando and leave those buns just the way they are. 






Then remove those perfect burgers from the grill and place them right onto the bottom buns. 

If the cheese didn’t melt enough, just move them to the hotter side and close the lid. It will melt QUICKLY, so keep watch. 







Couldn’t resist getting a shot of that GLORIOUS CHEEEEEEEESE! 






I mean, seriously, right??!!!! Holy burger heaven!! 






We simply topped ours with just crispy iceberg lettuce leaves, farmer’s market-purchased tomatoes, and paper thinly-sliced mild red onion. 

Now. Is that burger perfection or what??





You certainly can’t get a burger like this in our town!! And if you could, they’d charge an arm AND a leg for it!

So, this weekend, or even tonight, get outside, enjoy some fresh air, and grill up some AWESOME burgers! 

These Triple Cheese BBQ Steakhouse Burgers are just the ticket for a quick weeknight meal, a weekend bbq, or Labor Day fun and deliciousness right in the safety of your own backyard! 

Remember friends, that virus IS still out there. So please, I beg of you, wear those masks, social distance, and keep yourselves, as well as everyone around you, safe and healthy! Hope you all enjoy. Take care!! 




Triple Cheese BBQ Steakhouse Burgers

Makes 2 half-pound burgers 



1 lb. 70% – 80% lean ground beef  
1/4 cup beer (just add a splash of whatever you’re drinking!), can sub bourbon or beef broth 
fresh-cracked salt, regular black pepper, coarse ground black pepper, garlic powder, and onion powder to taste
2 slices American cheese
2 slices pepper jack cheese
2 slices co-jack cheese
2 – 4 Tbl. soft butter, as you like
2 pretzel buns
iceberg lettuce leaves
slices of garden-fresh tomatoes
paper-thin slices red onion
mayo, optional
BBQ Steak Sauce:
2 Tbl. Sweet Baby Ray’s Original Barbecue Sauce
1 Tbl. A1 Original Steak Sauce
1/4 tsp. worcestershire sauce
1/16 tsp. garlic powder



In small bowl, stir together the BBQ Steak Sauce ingredients. Adjust amounts to your own taste, cover, set aside. 

Add hamburger to bowl breaking up. Drizzle beer evenly over hamburger, toss lightly to mix. Divide hamburger in half and form into 2 nicely thick patties. (Or 4 if you want smaller ones.) Then season each side with regular black pepper (go a bit heavy with it), coarse ground black pepper (go lighter with it), garlic powder (we like a lot), and just a little bit of onion powder. Cover and set aside, or chill until needed. 

Heat up your grill to medium heat. When hot, oil grates and place patties onto hot grill grates, close lid. (This will help cook thick patties through faster.) Turn when they are nicely browned, and brown the other side. Don’t overcook them if you like a little pink inside. 

Start basting frequently with the bbq steak sauce. Turn as needed. Set off to the cool side of the grill and top with the cheeses. 

Butter insides of buns and place onto hot grill grates buttered side down. Grill until toasted and browned to your liking. 

Remove buns and place burgers onto bottoms buns. Top with lettuce leaves, tomato and onion slices. Smear inside of top buns with a little mayo if you like. 

Place top buns on top, take a big ol’ bite, and ENJOY!! 



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