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3-Ingredient Sweet Bread ‘n Butter Cherry Kool-Aid Pickles

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Not too sweet, not too tart, just right “Sunday Funday Stuff to Do with the Kids” cherry pickles that you can make in a SNAP with just 3 ingredients!! How fun is THAT, right?! AWESOME on everything you normally put pickles on! And so stinkin’ good, that you’ll want to sneak a few every time you just “happen” to be in the kitchen. *Only warning*…deliciously addictive! Yep, they’re just that good! 



Looking for something super fun, delicious, and easy to make with the kiddos this weekend? Then you simply MUST try my old-fashioned “Cherry Pickles”!!

Just 3 simple ingredients is all it takes to create this awesomely DELICIOUS snack (or condiment)!!

So good, you’ll want to put them on everything! (But I still find the best way to eat them is just with a fork!) 






A jar of pickles, sugar, and 2 packets of cherry-flavored Kool-Aid, and you’re there! 





I’ve tried different flavors of Kool-Aid, as well as different flavors and brands of pickles, and this combo is by far my favorite! 


So, to make these, all you have to do is empty the juice through a strainer into a bowl or measuring pitcher. 






Then stir in 2 packets of Kool-Aid. I prefer Cherry, but you can also try Grape, Strawberry, Fruit Punch, or whatever flavor peaks your curiosity! 





Then just stir in some sugar, and tah-dah!!! The mixture is done! No cooking, steeping, boiling, just stir it right in until dissolved. 





Then carefully pour the cherry pickle juice back into the jar, as much as will fit. 






*If you have any leftover, thinly slice some onions and stir them into the pitcher. Cover the pitcher and let them sit in the fridge overnight. Use on burgers, chicken sandwiches, etc.!! 






Put the lid back on the jar and gently turn and shake the jar so that all the juice redisperses between all of the pickle slices. 





Lastly, is the only HARD part. 

You really need to let these sit in the fridge for about a week. I know. (*But if you want to try one the next afternoon, they’re still awfully good!) 

But definitely best after about a week. 





You can use these on just about everything you normally put pickles on….





…but I find myself sneaking a few here and there all by themselves about every time I “happen” to be in the kitchen!!





Yep!! They are just THAT GOOD!!! 





PERFECT with any lunch or summer supper you happen to be serving, and just SO pretty to boot, these retro 3-Ingredient Sweet Bread ‘n Butter Cherry Kool-Aid Pickles will take you right back to your childhood in the fast lane! 

I so hope that you try them soon! Fun and easy enough for even the little ones to help make!

Stay healthy and stay safe! Don’t forget to wear your masks! Take care all!! 




3-Ingredient Sweet Bread ‘n Butter
Cherry Kool-Aid Pickles



1 (24 oz.) jar sliced bread ‘n butter pickles, I used Vlasic® Chips
2 (0.13 oz. each) envelopes unsweetened Cherry Kool-Aid®
1/3 cup + 1 Tbl. regular white sugar 


Open pickle jar, and pour off all of the pickle juice from the jar into a small/medium-sized bowl or measuring pitcher through a fine mesh strainer. (Keep pickles in the jar.)

Add the Kool-Aid® packets/envelopes and sugar to the bowl of pickle juice, and whisk until the sugar is completely dissolved. Pour mixture back into the pickle jar over pickles, making sure that the pickles are completely covered and there are no air spaces. Place lid back on jar tightly and gently shake and turn to make sure that they are all coated and submerged in the liquid again.

Refrigerate pickles for at least one week before serving.  (*But if you simply can’t wait that long, you can snitch a slice or three the next day. I won’t tell on ya.) 

Wonderful as a little snack with cheese and crackers, but also AWESOME on anything from burgers to hotdogs to bratwursts, or anything else you enjoy pickles on! 

Oh! And if all the liquid doesn’t want to quite fit back in the jar completely, just thinly slice some onions, and add them into the bowl of the leftover Kool-Aid pickle juice to pickle them, too!! SO much fun and SO. STINKIN’. GOOD! 



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