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Creole Mustard Beer-Braised Pulled Ham Sliders

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So, you’ve had regular pulled pork, beef, and chicken, but have you tried pulled ham?! If not, you’re missing out!! But no longer! Now you, too, can enjoy these juicy, tender, melt-in-your-mouth, Creole Mustard Beer-Braised Pulled Ham Sliders! And this SIMPLE recipe is just in time for the Super Bowl, too!   




If you’re searching for something different, yet simple to make, and something that effortlessly feeds a crowd for the upcoming Super Bowl, you just landed on the right spot!!

Only a mere 2 pounds of ham ended up making about 16 hearty-sized sliders! WOW, right?!! I hear ya!!

And, O.M.G, are they ever delicious!! So, if you have a hunk of leftover ham in the freezer from the holidays just begging to be made into some wonderful, SAVE this recipe to your Pinterest boards!




For this, you just need a small crock pot, cutting up the meat into large chunks so that they fit…..




….a little mustard, beer, and real butter. And you’re almost DONE. 




Just pop a lid on it, cook it on High until it’s fall-apart tender……




…remove it to a bowl and shred it with 2 forks…..




…..and add it back into the crock pot! Just give it a gentle toss to coat all that heavenly ham……





…..and prepare your slider buns! I spread the bottom buns with just a little butter, and the tops with some more creole mustard!




Pile the pulled ham, (*shredded if you prefer smaller pieces, or small chunks like I’ve done here), onto the bottom buns. 





And while you’re at it…sneak a little piece or two for yourself! I won’t tell!! Those who do the work get the perks, as I always say! (wink!) 



Along with the mustard and a little butter, I added very thinly sliced red onion….



…and my homemade Sweet Bread ‘n Butter Pickles!! If you prefer dill, I have a wonderful and easy recipe for some killer good Garlic Dill Pickles, too! 



Then just place the top slider buns on….



…and be prepared for some awesome deliciousness!!!





Just as good as any other pulled meat sandwich, and maybe even BETTER!!!



I so wish you could tell by my (not so good) photos just how TENDER and JUICY this ham really turned out! My photos almost made it appear to be a bit dry, but it was anything BUT. 




I almost used these leftovers for a soup or casserole, and I’m SO GLAD that I didn’t! I wasn’t sure how well it would actually “pull”, but it ended up so tender, that I had to be VERY careful not to shred it. Though I love shredded meats, my hubby much prefers small chunks. But just know that you can pull it as finely as you want.

So if you want to make some different sliders than you normally do, and especially if you still have ham in the freezer that needs to be used up, do give these babies a try!!

Because these Creole Mustard Beer-Braised Pulled Ham Sliders have just become one of our new favorites, and I’m sure they’ll soon be one of yours, too!! 

Hope you all enjoy!! 



Creole Mustard Beer-Braised Pulled Ham Sliders

Creole Mustard Beer-Braised Pulled Ham Sliders


  • 2 lbs. leftover baked ham, cut into large chunks
  • 1/4 cup boiling water
  • 1 tsp. Better Than Bouillon Ham Base
  • 1 (12 oz.) can extra light beer, stronger beers can be used for stronger flavor
  • 1/3 cup creole mustard such as Zatarain's
  • 3 Tbl. Minerva Dairy Amish Butter, cut up 
  • slider buns or rolls, split open
  • more butter, softened, for spreading
  • more creole mustard
  • thinly sliced red
  • sweet or dill pickles


In small slow cooker, add large chunks of ham cut to fit.

In small bowl, add water and bring to a boil in microwave. Stir in ham base until dissolved.

In medium bowl, whisk together beer and mustard. Whisk in bouillon mixture. Pour over ham. Dot top with butter and place on lid. Cook on High for 5 hours, or Low for 7 -9. (*On High worked extremely well, though.)

Remove ham from cooker onto a baking sheet. Skim fat from top of juices in cooker. Pull ham and place back into cooker. Stir to coat. 

Dress bun top with mustard, onions and pickles. Spread bottom buns with a small amount of soft butter. With tongs, pile on the ham, place on top bun, and enjoy!

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