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Best Grilled Steak Marinade

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Who doesn’t live for steaks cooked on the grill in the summertime? And this recipe, using simple ingredients, will make them taste just like you dreamed! Be the best griller on the block, and the envy of the neighborhood, and change the salt ‘n pepper purist’s minds with this AWESOME marinade! Perfect for any holiday, event and get-together!   



For years, my hubby insisted on salt and pepper-ONLY on his steaks. Well, THIS concoction finally changed his mind!

I gathered up some simple pantry and fridge ingredients, played and had fun, and boy did this steak taste FANTASTIC! He was so jealous of my steak, that I caved and shared half of mine with him, and he now wants his steaks marinated too from now on! 





I tried not to gloat, but, psssst!, I think I did a little!

Once grill is heated per directions, remove them from the marinade and pepper them on both sides. 





Oil your grill grates and place those gorgeous babies onto the hot grates. Sear them on both sides, not moving them until you have nice grill marks.

Turn them when they’re ready and grill the other sides. 





Just look at the color difference between the two! The marinated steak is clearly the winner already!





I mean, is that GORGEOUS or WHAT?!!

Since we eat with our eyes first, you can certainly see why my hubby instantly wanted mine! Ha!! 






His was still tasty, but lacking in flavor. Though this marinade in no way masks the steak’s natural flavor, it just gives it the boost it needs to give it that “wow” factor! 






This truly is the perfect, all-around, steak marinade that you’ve been looking for!





Sensationally rare with just a simple, garden salad and baked potato! The quintessential, backyard grilling experience! Perfect for any and all holidays, events, and get-togethers! 





*Though we enjoy our steaks “still mooing”, I have provided a temperature guide for you to follow to grill yours just the way you like! 





I mean, is that rare perfection or what?!! 





And this was actually done on a gas grill!! I know. But, it’s all I could manage that day! It would be even better over charcoal, but this was truly amazing anyways! 





Be sure to Pin this to your Pinterest Boards, because this one’s a KEEPER!! And just in time for the 4th of July!!

Have a safe and happy holiday weekend, and enjoy!!

Remember to stay safe, social distance, and don’t forget to wear that mask!! SO very important!! Take care everyone! 




Best Grilled Steak Marinade 

Makes enough for 2 large steaks

2 large steaks
2 Tbl. + 2 tsp. worcestershire sauce
2 Tbl. soy sauce, I used regular not low-sodium
2 tsp. balsamic vinegar
2 tsp. garlic powder
1 packed tsp. brown sugar
1/2 tsp. ketchup
1/4 tsp. regular black pepper
1/4 tsp. onion powder
1/4 tsp. cajun seasoning, I used Slap Ya Mama
1/4 tsp. regular mustard, I used French’s
(2 ziplock baggies and canola or vegetable oil for grill grates)
coarse ground black pepper
2 – 4 Tbl. softened butter, to finish


In small glass measuring pitcher, add marinade ingredients, whisk well to mix. Place steaks into ziplock baggies, and evenly pour marinade over steaks on both sides, close baggies removing excess air. Turn several times to coat well, refrigerate overnight, turning over now and then so that both sides marinate well. 

Heat one side of grill to high, the other side to medium or low. Oil grates, pepper steaks as you like, and place them onto the hot side of grill. Sear well until you have nice grill marks on both sides, only turning when grill marks appear. Do this with the lid open for rare, closed if you’re going to want it more done inside.

If you like your steaks rare, coat both sides with butter and grill just a few minutes longer on each side on the hot side of the grill, (with the lid open), turning as needed, until makes are dark and steak is nicely browned. Steak will be soft to the touch. 

If you want your steaks more done, move them to the cooler side, coat each side with butter, and grill until the doneness you prefer, (with the lid closed), turning as needed.

*Check internal temperature for doneness using the basic guide below. 


Basic Internal Temperature Guide (Fahrenheit):

Rare: 120º
Medium-Rare: 130º
Medium: 135º
Medium-Well: 140º
Well-Done: 150º




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