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Garden Veggie Whole Grain Mustard-Balsamic Peach & Basil Kabobs with Yellow Squash, Bacon & Smoked Bratwurst

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Such an odd feeling. I’m actually thrilled and sad all at the same time! I always appreciate being a “sneak taster” for Johnsonville Sausage, but when it’s over, there truly is the same feeling that you get when you finish a good book! It’s no secret that I love their products, and for good reason. Just like your favorite author, they never let you down. 

I was again blessed to be a “Sneak Taster” for their new line, the Butcher Shop-Style Sausages, and their new Smoked Bratwurst were just as outrageously delicious as the other two! Those crafty little sausage elves really outdid themselves! The meat is a more course grind, and they come in all-natural casings. I was a bit skeptical at first, as they are fully-cooked, which is something that I usually steer clear of. And I mean, treat it like it has the plague kind of avoiding it. So boy was I surprised and extremely happy at how honestly good they truly are, and how beautifully they cooked up no matter what method you used!

I experimented to see just how they would do, so I grilled, pan-fried, and even warmed them in the microwave, and the results were all the same, in that they were all equally, and unbelievably delicious no matter what cooking method you used. Not kidding! Even heating them in the microwave produced such a wonderfully juicy inside, crunchy on the outside, lightly smoky brat, that company would swear never saw the inside of microwave oven!   

So I wanted to savor this last one! (I cannot vouch for their Andouille ones, because they don’t sell them here). But the final ones that we got try, these Smoked Bratwursts, I’d almost say that we saved the best for last, but that would not be true. They are ALL outstanding! So much so that the last ones I grilled were DEVOURED and I was lucky to even get a taste! So that called for a “do over” of sorts!! 😉  

I wanted to fully enjoy these this time, and decided to create another super fun shish-ka-bob recipe, as they were, *ahem*, so popular the last time! 😉  



mustard peach kabobs 2


This time I wanted to use some of summer’s natural treats combined with a different kind of sauce that would tie everything together. Yellow Summer Squash and Georgia Peaches were going to compliment the sausage ever so gracefully! 😉  


mustard peach kabobs 3


 I still wanted that smokey bacon, and also stuck to the veggies that I rely on for flavor and how well they grill – – peppers and onions! 

All of these wonderful items were going to be married together with a nice sauce that I came up with that was just a bit sweet from the peach preserves, a little bit tangy from the balsamic vinegar, spicy with a little bite from the whole grain dijon mustard, and adding some of my fresh basil from my herb garden really brightened it up. This sauce was spoon-lickin’ good!!! 😀  

They grilled up BEAUTIFULLY!!!! I only wish I had not forgotten to get a grill shot for you! So sorry about that, but you’ll see for yourselves when YOU make them at just how eye-poppingly gorgeous they are! And oh yes, you will DEFINITELY want to make these!! My hubby said these were even better than the last ones! (But he always says that. Bless his heart. I have trained him well. 😉 )

But seriously, these were the BOMB! Sweet PEACHES everything went so well together it was like it was just supposed to be!  


mustard peach kabobs


And lastly, this is what I did with the “leftovers”! These sausages come in a package of 4, and I made 4 whole skewers with just 2 sausages! But don’t let that fool you, Johnsonville makes them VERY hearty-sized and just those two were plenty to make for 4 nice serving-sized kabobs! 😀    

Anyways, I low pan-fried everything, cutting everything smaller, even cut up the bacon, but left the two bratwursts whole, and added the peaches last. I simply placed the lightly browned bratwurst into the toasted hoagie roll, piled it with shredded mozzarella, warmed until the cheese had melted, and piled the sautéed peach, bacon and veggie mixture over the top, then ladled spoonfuls of warmed, freshly made sauce over all, calling that baby a masterpiece! My hubby prompted me to take a quick photo, because they truly were beauties! Needless to say, he practically INHALED his and complimented several times that it was WONDERFUL!  So if you don’t have a grill, or the weather is not cooperating, you can still enjoy these. IMMENSELY. We were sad when they were all gone, but that’s ok….more will be made. Oh yes indeedy – – more will be made. 😉       


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So whether you’re looking for something fun to toss on the grill, fry up in a pan, or simply heat in the microwave, I personally highly recommend J-Ville’s newest line of Butcher Shop-Style Sausages! Omg, yes.  And I will be on a QUEST to search high and low for the last one that we didn’t get to try….the Andouille ones. The hunt is ON!!! 😀

Thanks again to the folks at Johnsonville for generously letting my hubby and I try your new line of products! We really appreciate it and fully enjoyed them, and they are truly outstanding! 

Have a great day all, and get your grill on!! 😀 😉  


Just a note: *These are my own personal opinions of this product. 




Garden Veggie Whole Grain Mustard-Balsamic Peach & Basil Kabobs with Yellow Squash, Bacon & Smoked Bratwurst
Yield: 2-4

Garden Veggie Whole Grain Mustard-Balsamic Peach & Basil Kabobs with Yellow Squash, Bacon & Smoked Bratwurst

Cook Time: 25 minutes
Total Time: 25 minutes


For Sauce:

  • 1/4 cup peach preserves
  • 1 Tbl. whole grain dijon mustard
  • 1/2 tsp. aged sweet balsamic vinegar
  • 1/2 tsp. finely chopped fresh basil
  • [br]

Rest of Ingredients:

  • 2 Johnsonville Butcher Shop-Style Smoked Bratwursts
  • 8-12 small slices yellow summer squash
  • 4 nice-sized pieces red bell pepper
  • 4 nice-sized pieces green bell pepper
  • 1 small vidalia onion, cut into eighths
  • 1 cling-free peach, cut into 8 pieces (stone removed)
  • 4 slices quality lean thick-cut bacon
  • 4 skewers (*if using wooden ones, soak in cold water first to prevent burning)
  • a little vegetable oil to lightly baste assembled skewers and oil grill grates


  • For Sauce: In small bowl or glass measuring pitcher, melt peach preserves in microwave on High for 15-20 seconds until stirable. Stir in rest of sauce ingredients, and set aside.
  • For rest: Evenly thread items onto skewers threading bacon around each item zigzagging. *See photo above for an example of a nice order to assemble. *Add more for longer skewers.
  • Get grill hot. Lightly brush skewers with oil, then use rest to oil hot grates with a wadded paper towel and tongs. Place skewers onto grill and turn to low, close lid.
  • Grill skewers, turning every so often as needed, until bacon is done and skewers are lightly charred and have crispy parts, for 25-30 minutes keeping grill closed and the temp around 350-375 degrees. (Move skewers to a more indirect heat if grill is cooking too hard and fast.) Watch so that they don't burn.
  • When done, move skewers to indirect heat and baste both sides with sauce. Grill each side for just 30 seconds to 1 minute, removing before burning. Remove to platter to cool a bit.
  • Serve skewers over a chicken or pork herbed rice pilaf. Brush skewers with any leftover sauce, heated.



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