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Poolside Cranberry-Cherry Iced Tea Cocktail

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cran-cherry iced tea cocktail


Oh those long, never-ending, summer days when we were kids! The best memories of my childhood were when we got to stay at Grandma’s house down in Champaign, Illinois, for 3 weeks in the summer! She had a big in-ground swimming pool that we practically LIVED in! From sunup to sundown, we swam like fish only stopping to have a bite to eat for lunch! If I could choose any time of my life to visit again, those would be the days I’d choose! 😉  

But those days are long gone, and just a faded memory now. I remember when I couldn’t wait to grow up to do all of the things the “big people” got to do. Now, sometimes I just want to be a kid again! No piles of laundry to do, cleaning tubs and toilets, pots to scrub, floors to wash, rugs to vacuum…..yeah….all that “fun stuff” that adults “get to do”! 






So when all of the day’s chores are finally done, I like to treat myself with a little cocktail! 😉 Especially in the summertime to cool off and just relax! And one of the favorite summer beverages we enjoyed as kids was homemade sweet tea, pitcher after pitcher! 

But now, sometimes, a plain ol’ glass of sweet tea just doesn’t always cut it. So I’ve created this cocktail out of two of my personal summertime favorites adding my favorite juice into my tea and spiking it with just a little bit of vodka. Because I can. I’m an adult now. 😉 And gosh dangit, I deserve it!

Life is tougher than I ever possibly imagined it would be, days are long for reasons I had no idea of, and I never dreamed that being an “adult” was going to be so hard! Did you?  

And this thirst-quenching summertime treat is so delicious, trust me, you’ll forget all about the day’s troubles and just savor the quiet moment! 😀  

You can even make up a nice pitcher of this, adding as much or little vodka as you’d like, and share with your friends out on the deck or by the pool! 

Ocean Spray makes other flavors, too, such as their Cran-Raspberry and Cran-Lemonade, so you can mix in whatever flavor you enjoy best! 





The heat of the summer is on, and the 4th of July celebrations are just around the corner! So keep this refreshing cocktail in mind to indulge for yourself or share with your friends! Life is short, so enjoy each and every day to it’s fullest!

Have a wonderful day and a safe and happy holiday! 😀  


*For a great homemade sweet tea recipe, please see my “Good Ol’ Southern Sweet Tea”!



Yield: 1

Poolside Cranberry-Cherry Iced Tea Cocktail

Poolside Cranberry-Cherry Iced Tea Cocktail


  • 4 oz. (1/2 cup) sweet tea (*can sub unsweetened)
  • 4 oz. (1/2 cup) Ocean Spray Cran-Cherry Juice
  • 1 oz. vodka (more if desired)
  • ice
  • lemon slice, garnish
  • 1 maraschino cherry, garnish
  • 1 mint sprig, garnish


  • In large measuring pitcher, stir together tea, juice and vodka.
  • Pour into glass of ice.
  • Garnish with slice of lemon, maraschino cherry and sprig of mint.
  • Enjoy!


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