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Colossal J-Ville Bacon Cheddar Griller Burgers with Homemade Pimiento Cheese

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bac cheddar griller pimiento chs


Oooooh, myyyy, how I do LOVE a good burger! And being a self-crowned Grill Diva, rightfully earned 😉 , I especially love to create new burgers of every kind once spring finally mosies in!

I used to fear not the brutal midwest winters and take a broom and *whack* the 3 feet of snow off of the grill in the DEAD of wintertime back years ago to grill no matter what….but now, I just prefer to wait patiently and appreciate the oncoming of “grilling season” just a bit more!

Plus, frozen snot stalactites forming like icicles hanging down from my nose is NOT a good look.

And, to be honest, it’s just plain too damn cold for me now. I’m not old, not by ANY means, but I ain’t bar hoppin’ young and as weather-resistant as I used to be anymore, either. 😉  We live right on a lake and that wind cuts like a KNIFE in your face! Soooo, not fun out there! 

So. Now that spring has “sort of “made it’s way here, or at least trying to, I was DYING to get out there and fire up the grill again!!! We’ve had crazy spring weather, and today was no exception. Yesterday was 90+ degrees, and today, I finally had to turn the heat on as I stiffly walked around the house like a human double-stick popsicle – – grape-flavored – – as my toes were purple. 

But the cold and rain wasn’t going to stop my plans! 50 degrees – – plus cold, misty rain is nothing in comparison to 50 mile an hour winds and 20+ below zero wind chills! So what’s to stop me from a little misty rain, right?! That’s what I said, too! 😉 I’M THERE! 😀

I had just made some “semi-homemade” poppy seed hamburger buns, (yes, that frozen dough stuff again!), and had some of Johnsonville’s “Grillers” in the freezer, so the wheels started turning!

I also had an abundance of cheeses on hand, more than usual, which you cannot even imagine!, so this just seemed to me like the perfect time to make some homemade pimiento cheese to top these Bacon & Cheddar Sausage “Grillers” with! I love these sausage patties!

And no, Johnsonville isn’t paying me to say that. I don’t get paid by any company, I just say what I like and it’s my own opinion. 😉 And these tasty little buggers I LIKE a lot! 😉 😀

You can even grill them frozen, but I’ve always thawed them first and they grill up beautifully! And being one to DISlike any kind of “frozen patty”, take this as a HUGE like from me!  

They have wonderful flavor, a nice texture, they’re juicy and very generous in size! What’s not to love?! The perfect party patty! 😀

So if you’re looking for something unique and fun to make on the grill, you might want to give these a try this weekend! Invite the neighbors over and have a small cookout and get into the summer barbecue spirit!  

The grilling bug has already bitten me, and I hope you catch the fever soon, too! 😀 Have a fantastic day and a wonderful weekend! 😀  




Makes 3 (*Double for full box of 6)


3 Johnsonville Bacon Cheddar Griller patties,  frozen or thawed and grilled according to package directions

fresh kale leaves, can sub lettuce of choice if desired

3 small roma tomatoes, thickly sliced

1/2 of a red onion, sliced to thickness desired

6 slices quality lean bacon, crisp cooked and drained of fat

3 buns, homemade or store-bought, lightly grilled


For Homemade Pimiento Cheese:

3 oz. very soft cream cheese, (warm just a bit in microwave)

1/3 cup mayonnaise, I always use Hellmann’s

2 cups lightly packed shredded extra sharp cheddar cheese

1 large green onion or 4 chives, snipped

1/2 tsp. mustard

1/4 tsp. sriracha hot chili sauce

nice dash each of: salt, coarse ground black pepper, & garlic powder 

1/4 cup coarse chopped jarred pimiento peppers, (*I got the whole ones and coarse chopped them myself so that they wouldn’t be too small) *Add last!



Make pimiento cheese first: In medium bowl, mix the soft, warmed cream cheese, mayo and shredded cheddar cheese with a spoon stirring extremely well to thoroughly mix. Stir in the rest of ingredients very well. *Fold in chopped pimientos, cover and chill. (*Remove before grilling to bring to room temp. Do not warm or oils from cheddar could separate.) 

Grill the Bacon Cheddar Grillers until done according to the package directions, remove to a plate, cover, and set aside. Grill split-open buns, set aside.

Place pieces of kale ( or lettuce) on bottom bun, top with slices of tomato, then Griller patties, slices of red onion, spoonfuls of room temp pimiento cheese, and top with two slices of crisp-cooked lean bacon!

Top with top bun and slice in half if desired. Serve with lots of napkins, ice cold beers, and many, many hungry friends!   

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