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Espresso Hot Chocolate with Kahlua

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Mmmmm, I love hot chocolate! I love anything coffee, too! I couldn’t make up my mind this morning which one I wanted, so I made one of my go-to remedies to wake me up and cure my sweet tooth all at the same time!  

Hot chocolate, espresso and Kahlua! Breakfast of champions! 😉

Sweet creamy delicious chocolate, with a nice kick of coffee!! The perfect way to start a slightly chilly morning! Believe me, after all this heat we’ve been having, 63 degrees made me shiver! Even my little toes were cold this morning! But this warmed me up and got me moving!! 

    I like make my hot chocolate with extra hot chocolate mix, though. And I always use 2% milk instead of just water. If you’re using a pre-measured packet, cut back on the water for a richer cocoa.

If it says it makes 1 (8 oz.) cup, just use 6 oz. (3/4 cup) liquid instead. Even if it says to use water, use milk, because it’s so much better!

Watch the milk when you heat it in the microwave, though. It heats up much faster than water and can bubble over if you aren’t paying attention.

As soon as you see little tiny bubbles forming around the edge, it’s hot!

Remember to use a big enough mug, too, to have room to stir in the hot chocolate powder well and still have room for the espresso and Kahlua! Now, you can of course leave out the Kahlua if you’d like. Just add it to mine, thank you. 😉  

Hope this gets your day off to a beautiful start, too! Enjoy the day!


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1 brewed shot of espresso, 2 oz.

enough hot chocolate powder mix or one envelope to make 1 (8 oz.) cup hot chocolate

6 oz. (3/4 cup) milk

1 oz. Kahlua

whipped cream



In microwave-safe mug, add milk. Microwave on high just until tiny bubbles start to form around the edge. Remove and stir in hot chocolate powder well until creamy foam on top. Stir in brewed espresso and Kahlua. Top with whipped cream. (*You can also garnish top with a light dusting of unsweetened baking cocoa if desired.) Enjoy!  

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