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The Which Came First Fried Chicken and Egg Sandwich

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If you enjoy a fried egg on your burger, you’re going to flip over this fried egg on a tender, juicy, cheesy, fried chicken breast sandwich! Perfect in the morning on a buttered and grilled bagel, or serve for lunch on a soft brioche bun! This eye-opener is fantastic any time of day! 


I love a good hearty sandwich this time of year! When you’re in-between winter casseroles and soups, but still too nippy enough outside to crave hot weather food, this sandwich is just the ticket to fill you up, keep you warm, yet will not leave you feeling like you’re being stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey! 

If craving this newest fave any time after the breakfast hour, choose a nice, soft but hearty, bun such as brioche or a potato bun. 




But today, I’m sharing this as a breakfast sandwich that I concocted for my hubby one morning when he said he was “starving to death”.

I’m trying to get him to stop his cravings for the “golden arches” breakfast sandwiches that seem to make him miserable and take him out of commission for the entire day afterwards! They make him feel just awful every. single. time! 

I had bagels on hand that we found at Aldi that were very reasonably priced and, honestly, were just as good as the big box grocery store’s down the street at HALF the price! Let’s be honest, they’re not the incredibly awesome New York-style bagels you get on the east coast, but good enough for an easy, “early morning in the midwest” sandwich for sure! 




And if a buttered and grilled bagel just doesn’t do it for you, and your English muffins are looking a bit wimpy, you can make a batch of my homemade Mile-High No-Fail Sour Cream Biscuits ahead of time. (Just roll the dough out a bit thinner and cut them a bit larger!) They freeze well, so you can wrap them individually and pop them into a ziplock baggie to use one or two at a time whenever you need them. Just thaw them on the counter for several hours or overnight. 




But first, before I get too far ahead of myself, we’ll need to make or bake some breaded and fried chicken breasts. You can go all out and make my homemade





Or if making this on a whim and don’t want a huge mess (and want it quickly as someone is about to “starve to death”), you can use these awesome little buggers that we also found at Aldi (or your own favorite brand). 





Just toss them onto a sprayed, foil-lined baking sheet (for easiest clean-up), and bake!





Turn them, and continue baking on the other side. When they’re almost done, smother them with a nice handful of shredded cheese!

We really enjoy this kind, but you can use whatever cheese you think would make you smile! 




Then just pop them back into the oven to finish baking, melting that cheese into a glorious, cheesy blanket!  

While the chicken is finishing in the oven, shred some lettuce for the bottom. I almost always add some kind of greens on the bottom as it works really well as a barrier to the bottom bun to prevent any juices from turning the bread into a soggy mess. Soggy bottoms are never a good thing. 

Always, always, always season your lettuce. Tossing the shredded greens with a little salt and pepper elevates the flavors and takes ho-hum boring to a restaurant-quality experience! It’s amazing what a few basic, simple items really can do! 





Place that amazing-smelling, cheesy chicken onto the lettuce, and fry an egg to your liking. 





Place on top, and don’t forget the salt and pepper! Everything should be seasoned for maximum flavor and enjoyment! 





Now, you can actually serve this (with the top bun/bagel) as is, or you can add a condiment. My hubby prefers a little Duke’s mayonnaise, but you could use a nice mustard, or a sprinkling of your favorite hot sauce, or whatever you enjoy with your eggs! 

And if the shredded Mexican blend cheese isn’t your style, you can use pepper jack, co-jack, havarti, swiss, or even good old fashioned American!  

You can, of course, design this completely to your own preference also by adding tomatoes, onions, pickles, jalapeños, bacon onion jam, pepper jelly, avocado or any other crazy item you think might add some extra fun! 

I could definitely see this sandwich being kicked up a notch or two by simply adding my Cowboy Candy! THAT. Would be FUN! My hubby disagreed. But hey. You do you. He can do him. I will do me. And we’ll ALL be happy! (I don’t think that quite came out like I thought it would… ) 



For an even heartier masterpiece, you can certainly add chopped (or strips) of crispy bacon, or go whole hog wild and add a sausage patty. Even all of THAT would still not be as many calories and fat the “Mickey D’s” contains in just one of their breakfast sandwiches. Shocking, isn’t it?!

Baked, white meat chicken and an egg isn’t a heart stopper. You can skip the cheese and use whole grain bread to make it healthier. But don’t skimp too much, or, if you’re like my hubby, you won’t be satisfied and it will be too easy to cave to your cravings next time.  





Food still has to be enjoyable and fun! The aromas need to entice the senses, and presentation should always make your mouth water before you even take your first bite! We really truly do eat with our eyes first, and your brain needs to be satisfied as well as your tummy! 




This sandwich really brought smiles, ahhhh’s, and thumbs UP from the hubs! It hit the spot, filled his tummy, and left him (almost) completely satisfied! Though he enjoyed the bagel no probs, he really prefers, (NOW he tells me!) his breakfast craving on a biscuit. Next time. 

I hope that if you too have trouble with fast food not agreeing with you (more like declaring WAR), that this easy sandwich is something that you might like to try, too! Though it isn’t diet food by any means, it’s still much healthier than ANY of these calorie-laden, fat-drenched, sodium bombs found on every corner that can really wreak havoc to your digestive system. It’s fast and easy to make, and you don’t even have to leave your house! 

Hope you all enjoy! Life is short!! Eat the cake. 

The Which Came First Fried Chicken and Egg Sandwich
Yield: 1 sandwich

The Which Came First Fried Chicken and Egg Sandwich

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 45 minutes
Total Time: 50 minutes

A tender, juicy, fried chicken sandwich just got even better by adding a fried egg! The best breakfast (or any time!) sandwich in town!


  • 1 bagel, buttered and grilled inside
  • 1 handful shredded lettuce, seasoned with salt and pepper
  • 1 breaded chicken breast, baked
  • 1 handful shredded Mexican blend cheese
  • 1 extra-large (or jumbo) egg, fried to your liking, salted and peppered
  • mayo, or condiment of choice


  1. Preheat oven to temperature suggested for 1 frozen breaded chicken breast. Place chicken breast onto sprayed and foil-lined baking sheet. (Mine is 400º.)
  2. Bake side one of chicken breast according to manufacturer's directions. (Mine is for 20 minutes.) Turn chicken and continue baking. (Another 15 - 20 minutes.) *When there is only 10 minutes left, add a handful of shredded cheese.
  3. While chicken is finishing, place buttered bagel onto hot frying pan, toasting insides. When browned, remove to a plate. Top bottom of bagel with a handful of shredded lettuce toassed with salt and pepper to taste.
  4. When chicken is done, place on top of lettuce.
  5. Add a little butter to same frying pan and add an egg. Salt and pepper the egg and fry until desired doneness. Place on top of chicken breast.
  6. Spread inside of top of bagel with mayo and place on top of egg.
  7. Grab some napkins and ENJOY!


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Saturday 20th of May 2023

This is a great looking breakfast sandwich and should be an easy choice vs. McDonalds. As much as I like my runny-yolked eggs, I can't remember ever putting one on a sandwich (mom always broke the yolk) but I must give it a try.

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