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Spicy Sweet Cinnamon Roll Chorizo Burger

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Move over plain ol’ donut burgers, because this Spicy Sweet Cinnamon Roll Chorizo Burger is about to rock your Sunday Funday breakfast world! Warm, cinnamon-y frosted rolls; split, buttered, and toasted on the insides, topped with spicy chorizo patties with creamy American cheese, crispy peppered bacon, and fried eggs, these new burgers are about to start your Sunday Funday and tailgate party weekend off with a touchdown! 

*Though this is a sponsored post, any and all opinions of this product are solely my own.




I was so happy to be contacted by the folks at the Premio Foods again! We very much enjoy their products, as they’re so much better than all others at the grocery store!

Why? Because  Premio takes great pride in their products. They have been hand-crafting fine Italian gourmet sausages for over 40 years, and have even expanded into crafting international favorites such as chorizo, bratwurst, kielbasa, and more! (And for those watching their waistlines, they also make specialty chicken sausages that have 60% less fat than sausage or beef and are equally delicious!) Something for everyone!

They take great care in ensuring us customers that we receive only the best, and provide us with high-quality products that have 0 Trans Fats, No Artificial Ingredients, No MSG, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Nut-Free, No Added Preservatives, and All-Natural Sausages with No Fillers!

It’s always so nice to find a large company that cares, isn’t it?! Not so easy to find these days! So, hats off to them!! Thank you, Premio






We were so hooked on their Italian-style sausages, spicy sausages, as well as their coiled sausages, that I hadn’t even tried their chorizo sausages yet. So, when they asked if I could create an everyday, easy-to-make recipe using their chorizo sausage, I couldn’t hardly wait! 

And lucky were we to even GET a package! They had none left on the shelf and we had to ask if they had any new in the back! Luckily, there was ONE package left that the meat manager had saved aside for himself to purchase, but was very kind to let me have it instead. (I have a feeling that he’ll be DOUBLING that order next time!) 

And here’s why!!! Just look at all the wonderful spices and herbs in these sausages! And the color is spot-on gorgeous!! 





So, as you’ve already seen above, I decided to make a killer anytime-of-day chorizo burger on giant cinnamon rolls! And MAN. WOWZA. We flipped out over these!! 

You just run a little paring knife through the casing lengthwise, and the skin peels off in a matter of 2 seconds. WHOLE. No fussing with it. Could not be easier.

Since our rolls were GINORMOUS, I made two, half-pound patties out of the package to fit the size of the rolls. 






But you can make one out of each sausage link (5), or even make 10 out of the package and make mini ones for sliders if you’d like! 

Just make them to whatever size rolls you happen to have, purchased or store-bought. 





I had originally intended to grill them, but the weather just didn’t want to cooperate that day. So, I just simply fried them in a pan indoors, and that actually worked out really well! Nothing was going to rain on THIS parade!! 

*Just keep the heat lower than what you normally would for a beef burger, because this is sausage. And we really want to make sure that they are done all the way through.

This was also easily achieved by covering the frying pan with a lid, turning often for even cooking and browning, and making the patties nice and thin. Easy-peasy! 


Now THAT’S a pretty burger, isn’t it?!! These made my entire house smell HEAVENLY!! 






You can go ahead and top your patties with cheese at this point, but I waited due to having to take photos and all. I simply added the cheese slices later and nuked them to re-warm. 

So, if you want to make these for a tailgating party, or for a SUPER-quick meal, you can certainly make the patties ahead of time! 






Next up are the insanely ginormous rolls that my hubby picked up at the mall in a nearby town. 

We hadn’t had good cinnamon rolls in years, and this burger concoction deserved only the best! 

So, I just sliced them in half, buttered them, and place them onto the wiped-clean frying pan to give them a toast on the inside, and to make sure that they were nice and gooey-warm! 






And here’s what we’ve been waiting (and drooling!) for!! 





Place the toasted bottom of the cinnamon roll on a plate, and top with a warmed chorizo burger with melted American cheese. (*We prefer the white kind because it doesn’t have any yellow food coloring in it.) 






Next, I added some still-warm, crisp-cooked and peppered bacon! I mean, what’s a breakfast-style sandwich without bacon right? I know! 





Because this was a monster burger, I went for it and added 3 small strips, but you can add as much or little as you like! *Just break them in half for sliders. 






While I was assembling, my dear sweet hubby, the egg master, cooked his egg to PERFECTION. 

Crispy edges…still lightly runny yolk…truly a simple thing of beauty!





I grabbed the top of the roll and he poured the coffee! 






And we were DYING to try this!!!! It smelled and looked SO GOOD, that it was pure torture to have to take more photos and wait, lemme tell ya!! 






On went the top part of the roll with all that luscious, creamy frosting!






A quick poke with the fork to show off all that delicious yolk….






….slowly running down, tempting us to just grab it!!!






Believe me, this took patience that we thought we didn’t have!!

And finally….that first bite!!!






And….all I can say is…I don’t remember much after that first bite. I think I went into complete EUPHORIA! I checked on my hubby, though, when I saw his EYES roll back in his head….and all I can remember hearing were yummy moaning sounds of total exaltation. I watched him slowly slip into a total food coma…a single tear of pure joy slowly trail down his cheek. I barely heard his last words as he was able to mutter…”This is the best breakfast sandwich I’ve ever had.”

And yes, yes it was.   

The wonderfully spiced chorizo burger mingling with the warm cinnamon…OH my gawd. The sweet. The spicy. The bacon. The perfectly cooked egg. Just perfection!!

You all are SERIOUSLY going to want to make these! And guess what? They’re EASY to make, too!!! WHAT? Yep. 

Good ANY time of day, any day of the week, these Spicy Sweet Cinnamon Roll Chorizo Burgers will be YOUR new go-to specialty burger, too!

And after your first bite, you just might hear the angels sing, too!

Seriously. Just make these.


Thank you to Premio Foods for challenging me to create this awesome burger using your amazing chorizo! My hubby thanks you, too! Your chorizo sausage was nothing less than superb! Well-spiced, yet not too hot, and not fatty at all! Simply perfect. 



*Be sure to follow Premio on all of their Social Medias to keep up with their latest  recipes, promotions, products, and contests! Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube for helpful videos!


You can find Premio sausages sold at most Shop Rite, Stop & Shop, BJ’s, Costco, Sam’s Club, and Walmart stores. And if your local grocers don’t carry it, just ask them to order some in for you! Grocery stores are always happy to supply their customers with the products that you want! *Click here to use their Store Locater to find their products nearest to you!



Yield: 2 - 5 sandwiches

Spicy Sweet Cinnamon Roll Chorizo Burger

Spicy Sweet Cinnamon Roll Chorizo Burger
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 25 minutes


  • 1 (1 lb. pkg.) Premio Chorizo Sausages, meat removed from casings and formed into 2 - 5 patties depending on size of cinnamon rolls
  • 2 - 5 slices white or yellow American cheese
  • 4 - 10 slices crisp-cooked and peppered bacon
  • 2 - 5 eggs, fried in a little butter to desired doneness
  • 2 - 5 frosted cinnamon rolls, purchased or homemade, sliced in half horizontally 
  • softened butter (for rolls)


  1. Slice through casings of each sausage lengthwise, peel away casing, and form into however many patties you need making them thin. Cover and refrigerate to re-chill.
  2. Pepper bacon and fry until crisp. Drain on paper towels and set aside. Wipe out frying pan.
  3. Add sausage patties to frying pan and fry over medium low heat, covered, and turning every so often, until done through. Place a slice of americam cheese on top and melt. Remove to a rack or platter.
  4. Wipe out frying pan. Slice open rolls horizontally, butter insides, and place, buttered side down, into hot frying pan and toast insides. Set aside.
  5. Add more butter to the pan, add eggs and fry to desired doneness.
  6. Place bottom half of rolls onto plates, top with a chorizo cheese burger, strips of bacon, and fried eggs. Place lid on top, grab a knife and fork or just go for it, dig in, and ENJOY! Goes well with fried potatoes, coffee, milk and/or orange juice.



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