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Charlie Brown’s Fresh Grill in Forked River, NJ / Restaurant Review

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It’s been a long time since I did restaurant reviews, but when a restaurant goes out of their way to not only accommodate a Navy Vet, his wife, and goes above and beyond to help other Veterans in our town, it’s my honor to review our experience with them! 



My husband, a former Navy Seal, had some advice for a local restaurant in town when their policy was to honor Veterans and active duty soldiers and personnel on “observance day” rather than Veteran’s Day itself. 

This year, Veteran’s Day was on a Sunday. And too many, at least the very few restaurants to actually pay their respects and acknowledge veterans and the military, decided to give back on Monday, the “observance day”, the day after Veteran’s Day. 

Hello. Most people work on weekdays. Most Vets and military work on weekdays. The only ones to actually benefit are government workers such as postal workers, who aren’t even in the military. 

So. Well. That kinda sucks, doesn’t it? 

It sure does!! 

But when my husband brought this to the attention of a local restaurant, the manager read his comment, and not only reached out to him, agreed and understood, but took it above and beyond!!

Not only should a Veteran be honored and spoiled just one dang day of the year with a nice dinner….




…but do it on the actual day. And a day when most vets are actually even able to attend. 


So. Meet Scott!! He’s the Manager of the Forked River Charlie Brown’s Fresh Grill here in town! And there could not be a more soft spoken, kind, and accommodating person! 

He really truly cares about his restaurant, (and veterans!), and believe me, it shows!!




He not only took care of us days after Veteran’s Day, going way out of his way. But he also took it upon himself to have coupons printed up for Veterans to use throughout the entire holiday season, and drove all over town distributing them to the VFW and local businesses! 

Now that’s the way it used to be, and should still be today!!

Hats off to you, Scott!! We both thank you for your kindness and generosity, and appreciation of those who have put their lives on the line, and do still, every single day so that the rest of us may live in peace without fear. 





So, as soon as we walked into Charlie Brown’s of Forked River, I felt a sigh of relief to be honest! (I don’t do “restaurant experience” very well!) Restaurants are normally such a huge letdown. 


But Taylor, our hostess and waitress, greeted us with a genuine smile and made us feel comfortable right off the bat!


She is such a sweetie! Her parents must be so proud of her! 




Since I was planning on taking photos, I didn’t want to bother other customers or be a nuisance to their own private dining experience, so I requested that we be seated in the bar area.

I instantly felt a tug at my heart, because the limestone brick SO reminded me of home! Between that and the exposed ceilings, I would’ve thought that I was back in Chicago! What a wonderful surprise this was!!


*And though we sat in the smaller bar area, the regular dining area is enormous and perfectly family-friendly! 



We both noticed how clean everything was, too. One of my pet peeves about restaurants! But no worries here about sticky floors, tables, seats, and menus.

UGH. Just gross. 

*Everything here was gleaming, just as it should be! You could literally see your reflection on the floors and tables!


So. On to “Linner”!! 

My hubby wanted, and deserved, a full dinner, and went for the in-house, made-from-scratch soup for starters, and was pleasantly surprised at how wonderful it was!

Flavorful, chockfull of goodies, not too spicy, and just plain GOOD on a blustery-cold and horribly windy day!


Looks awesome, doesn’t it?!!!! I know!!! I was instantly envious!!




Though he opted for the soup of the day, check out the MILE-LONG, and ENDLESS salad bar that they have that is an option versus soup!!! (I was able to sneek in a shot just as it was done being set up, and as the stampede was coming!!)

Who says salad bars are “out of style”?!! They’re actually making a huge comeback in today’s salad world of millennials! Yay to salad bars!  

And I’d show ya all what was on it…but that would spoil the surprise just waiting for you!!! Seriously!! You simply MUST go there and check it out!!


Honestly, had I wandered to the other side of the restaurant,…I may have ordered this all by itself!! 



But I’m more of a bbq and sandwich girl, so I simply ordered one of the day’s specials which happened to be right up my alley, and it was delicious!!!




The pulled barbecued rib sandwich with fries and coleslaw had me stuffed before I even got halfway done! Needless to say, I took the rest of mine home! 

Even if you’re a hearty eater, this is one good-sized sandwich! And they don’t skimp on the fries and slaw, either!! 



Another one of the reasons I about gave up on dining out, is how awful the service can be. But Taylor was absolutely wonderful! 

Attentive, knew the menu, was kind and friendly, but not so attentive that you’re bothered. 

Waitress 101 perfection.  

The service you receive, or don’t receive, can mean as much as the food! 





*This store has lots to offer, too! Besides delicious food and wonderful service, they have a dang good deal on Gifts Cards for the holiday season going on right now as well! I don’t know anyone that doesn’t deserve a break from the stress of cooking and washing dirty dishes during the holidays, and treated to a night out on the town! So get a group together and head on out!

The establishment here is very convenient and easy to pull into! Wide and clean main roads, with easy access into the large parking lot! Completely stressless traveling! 


I have to say, this was one enjoyable dining-out experience that I will not take for granted nor soon forget! My husband and Scott chatted for quite some time, and we all really had a blast! 

Scott was such a gentleman, that he comped the entire bill! The entire afternoon was such a relaxing, fun, and trusted experience, that we’ll definitely be going back.

And as picky as I am about restaurants, that’s saying a lot!  


If you, too, are a Veteran, be sure to ask for this coupon. Thanks to Scott and my hubby, here you are always appreciated!




And to all the Vets especially, treat yourself once in awhile. You deserve it. You earned it. 






If you happen to be lucky enough to live in our neck of the woods, or just passing through, you can find info about their restaurant at these social medias! Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest


Thank you again, to Scott and Taylor, for making us feel at home, and for appreciating the Veterans and military that dedicate their lives so that we all can live in peace and enjoy freedom. 


Be sure to stop in at the Charlie Brown’s Fresh Grill of Forked River, New Jersey! And say hello to Scott and Taylor for us!! Hope you all enjoy!







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Bill Fodor

Tuesday 20th of November 2018

Hi Kelly, I'm shocked & confused ! Why was I thinking you were from out West ! I'm originally from Monmouth Co., N.J. Been a died-in-the-Wool fan of yours, a long time & love & cook a lot of your recipes.Been to Forked River, many times & Have to try out Charlie Browns, next time i'm in Jersey, as I now live in PA. I'm also a Navy vet, before the "Frogs were changed to S.e.a.l.s" ! I was really moved by your experience @ the Restaurant & it was comforting to hear someone that had a nice experience at an establishment there. Keep up the great recipes on the 'puter.


Wednesday 21st of November 2018

Hello, Bill!! Small world! I'm actually from the midwest! (Champaign, Illinois), but the hubby and I moved out here for his job. :) But if I had my choice, I'd probably want to live in the southwest! Loooove good barbecue!! :D Thanks for stopping by, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving! :)