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Hawaiian French Bread Pizza with Ham & Fresh Pineapple / Freaky Friday Winter Edition!

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french bread pizza!


Good morning! 😀 So happy to be a part of the Freaky Friday Winter Event! This is a group of bloggers that get together to do a special event several times a year, where we are all secretly assigned to another blogger in the group!

We all make, photo and review one of our assigned blogger’s recipes. Then, on reveal day, we all get to see who had who and what we all made! It’s a great way to make new friends and get to try new recipes that we might not otherwise get to experience! So much fun!


FF Winter 2016


For this event, I was secretly assigned to Christie Campbell (are we related??), who owns the blog, A Kitchen Hoor’s Adventures! I cracked up over that blog name, which she said originated from her friends who (teasingly) call her that! Too funny! I was surprised to see that her last name is “Campbell”! I wondered if I’m possibly related to her?? (My maiden name was Campbell!) I would not be surprised! 😀 Too cool!

Anyways, Christie is one lucky girl in so many ways! She learned how to bake with her Mom and Grandma, and her love for cooking was taught to her by her Dad! Wonderful to have both skills in the kitchen, as most people prefer one over the other. (I’m more like Christie, though, and also enjoy both very much!) She also got to be on Emeril Live!! BAM!! Yep!! And her recipe that got her on the show that she entered in a contest, is still on!  Check it out {here}!!! She’s also engaged, and a loving mama to her beloved furbaby!

So what to make? We had been craving pizza for quite a long time, and I was thrilled to see that Christie had several on her blog! The hublet made the final decision, because everything sounded good to me! But, ultimately, he chose for me to make her “Genetic Hot Hawaiian French Bread Pizza“! (What is it with guys and pineapple on their pizzas??) But I was game, so long as it was fresh pineapple and not the canned stuff! I was so glad he chose that one, but others in the running were her Cubano French Bread Pizza, Cheesy Skillet Beef, Greek-Style Burgers, and Cheesy Chicken Pasta Bake! Any of these would be perfect this time of year!

But I was more than happy with this one.
And I already had half of the ingredients!
Always a good thing!


hawaiian pizza ingredients


I did take a few liberties with Christie’s recipe, though. We are pizza fanatics!! And we hadn’t had pizza in AGES. So a “few” extra ingredients “accidentally” flew on top. 😉

*The first day our pizza included pizza sauce, Italian sausage, ham, Canadian bacon, fresh pineapple, roasted red sweet peppers (cubanelles) from my garden,
and ripe, black olives! 


And GOBS of cheese!


hawaiian pizza assmbly line


Assembling the pizza was so much fun, and comes together in a snap!


hawaiian pizza collage 2


After a short trip into the oven, this pizza came out
absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!


hawaiian pizza day 1


The last piece is up for grabs! 
Better call, “Dibs!”, quick!! 😉


hawaiian pizza last piece


Since it’s just the hublet and myself, I saved the other half of the french bread,
along with what was left of the previous days’ goodies,
to make a second round!

 I had used up all of my black olives, so,
I switched them out for pimiento-stuffed green ones!


hawaiian pizza collage 3


I was also out of fresh mushrooms – – bummer!! – – so I made up for those
by adding paper-thin sliced red onion! VERY good on pizza!

So Day II’s pizza consisted of pizza sauce, sausage, pineapple,
ham, Canadian bacon, roasted red sweet peppers (cubanelles) from my garden,
pimiento-stuffed green olives and thinly sliced red onion!

And oh hellz yea.

GOBS of cheese!! 😉 


hawaiian pizza sliced on paddle


I also kicked up the top a notch,
 adding a boost of flavor to the mild mozzarella & provolone blend cheese
by lightly sprinkling with finely crushed oregano and basil!
And also a touch of garlic salt and fresh cracked black pepper!


hawaiian pizza plated


These pizzas were killer good!!! I don’t know which one I liked the best,
as they were BOTH delicious!

I can’t thank Christie enough for having this on her blog,
A Kitchen Hoor’s Adventures,
because otherwise, we’d still be dreaming of pizzas!!

(Actually, truth be told, we’re already craving these again! 😉 )

Thanks so much to our fearless leader,
Michaela, of “An Affair from the Heart“, for having me!

Again, I had a blast and I hope that I did her recipe proud.
*Please do 
take the time to check out all of Christie’s recipes




*Please click {here} to see Christie’s original recipe from, “A Kitchen Hoor’s Adventures“.

Hawaiian French Bread Pizza with Ham & Fresh Pineapple / Freaky Friday Winter Edition!
Yield: 6-8 servings

Hawaiian French Bread Pizza with Ham & Fresh Pineapple / Freaky Friday Winter Edition!


  • 1 large wide loaf soft French bread
  • 12 - 16 oz. (1 1/2 - 2 cups) pizza sauce
  • 2 cups diced ham, or as desired
  • 6 cups shredded mozzarella cheese, 1 (1 lb.) bag + 1 (8 oz.) bag, (*3 cups per half)
  • 2 cups fresh pineapple chunks, or as much as you want

Optional Additional Ingredients:

  • fresh sliced mushrooms
  • sliced black or green pimiento-stuffed olives
  • julienned fresh sweet red peppers or roasted red peppers
  • thinly sliced red onion
  • diced Canadian bacon
  • cooked ground Italian Sausage
  • spicy sliced or diced pepperoni
  • (a light sprinkling of finely crushed basil, oregano, garlic salt and fresh cracked black pepper for the top)


  • Preheat oven to 375º F.
  • Slice baguette in half lengthwise. Place onto parchment-lined baking sheet(s), cut side-up.
  • Spread the tops (cut side) of the bread halves heavily with pizza sauce.
  • Sprinkle a little bit of the cheese on top of the sauce.
  • Top with ham, pineapple, and any additional ingredients desired. Top with lots of cheese! (I used 3 cups per loaf as our loaves were quite large).
  • Lightly sprinkle top with garlic salt, fresh-cracked black pepper, and a little finely dried basil and oregano if desired.
  • Bake for 18-20 minutes, or until the bread starts to brown and the cheese is fully melted. *Watch, as all ovens bake differently.
  • Slice the halves into chunky serving-sized pieces, or skinny appetizer-sized slices, and serve hot 'n bubbly!


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    Michelle @ A Dish of Daily Life

    Monday 8th of February 2016

    YUM! French bread pizza is such an easy dinner and I haven't made it in forever! Thank you for the inspiration...this looks delicious! Definitely want to try it! Christie has lots of great recipes!


    Tuesday 9th of February 2016

    We hadn't had french bread pizza in years, so this was a nice surprise and royal treat! Hope you make some soon. too! SO good!! :D

    Dini @ The Flavor Bender

    Saturday 6th of February 2016

    Wow! These are fabulous! I love Christie's blog too :D I can absolutely see myself eating these during the Game tomorrow! and I have no idea what is with husbands and pineapple on their pizza either! My husband is the same :D He always wants pizza on his pizza... so I know he will absolutely love this too :)


    Sunday 7th of February 2016

    Yep, my hubby always wants pineapple on his, too! I can eat it, so long as it's not the canned stuff, but I'm more of a pepperoni girl! Although, these came out fantastic! We both loved them! :D


    Friday 5th of February 2016

    This is such a fun recipe! I love Hawaiian pizza and this is such a great way to prepare it! It sounds really delicious and is a perfect choice for Freaky Friday :)


    Saturday 6th of February 2016

    Thanks, Nicole! :D Our Super Bowl is tomorrow, and I have a feeling that a lot of people will be making these! ;) :D

    Ashlyn @ Belle of the Kitchen

    Friday 5th of February 2016

    My goodness does this look yummy! Pretty sure my family would flip over this one!


    Saturday 6th of February 2016

    Oh, I hope you make a couple soon, Ashlyn! So much fun! :D

    Lori Who Needs A Cape?

    Friday 5th of February 2016

    What a great family meal! My kids could choose their own toppings, just ideal!


    Saturday 6th of February 2016

    Yes! :D That's what we did, too! Essentially, 4 pizzas out of one loaf! Doesn't get any more fun than that! :D

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