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San Francisco Amaretto with Lemon

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amaretto with lemon


The easiest “recipe” in the world? Yep, I suppose so! 😉 But sharing anyway because it’s not like it’s mainstream. If I hadn’t heard of it from my hubby years ago, I never would’ve thought to put the two ingredients together! So I’m going ahead and sharing this simple but elegant drink with you anyways! 😀

My hubby used to live on the west coast, Washington state and California, and did a lot of traveling up and down the coast, as well as all over the country and the rest of the world to boot! He is truly one of those people that really has (almost) “seen it all”! 😉 😀 Between being in the Navy and his job, which also requires a lot of traveling, there’s hardly a corner of the world he hasn’t seen.

And hardly a food or beverage that he hasn’t tasted, too! The hubs isn’t a big drinker, I pretty much own that department 😉 , but he does love his wine, a few cocktails once in a blue moon, and especially Amaretto! I pretty much just plain enjoy it all. (But personally, I’d take a nice, icy cold beer over an expensive wine any day! 😉 )  

When I first met this love of my life, we did restock the wine and liquor cab with a bit better choices, including a nice bottle of Disaronno! If you’ve never tasted it, it’s a wonderful imported Italian liqueur that’s been made in Italy since 1525! It has a distinct almond flavor, and besides sipping, it is used a lot in cooking and baking! I make a favorite holiday cookie at Christmastime with this myself! See my Amaretto Russian Tea cake Cookies!  

But on occasion, we do enjoy a nice cocktail over ice, too. He told me of a simple way to enjoy this nectar of the Italian gods by simply adding a wedge of lemon to the drink, and it was fabulous. You can do mini shooters for parties, or serve this as a larger serving in a rock glass over ice, too. If doing shooters, just squirt a little lemon juice into the amaretto and hang a tiny wedge on the rim if you’d like, but if serving in a rock glass, pour over ice and add a whole thin slice (or two) to the drink itself.

Simple. Clean. Sophisticated and elegant. A true classic that never goes out of style, especially now while retro drinks are all the craze! Enjoy throwing old fashioned cocktail parties? This cocktail is perfect for that! Also fun for Oscar Parties, Super Bowl Parties, New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, and 10th Wedding Anniversaries! 😉 Yes, we just celebrated 10 years of marriage! (Where does the time go??) 



So be sure to keep this fantastic, retro classic in mind for your next party or special occasion! And you can always bake with any left over as the holidays are coming up fast! 😉 Amaretto is a fun and flavorful addition to just about any baking project from cakes and frostings, to cookies and brownies! It’s also a wonderful mixer for other specialty cocktails as well. So have fun, enjoy life to the fullest, and never take a single moment for granted. See you tomorrow all! ~Kelly




San Francisco Amaretto with Lemon
Yield: 1 serving

San Francisco Amaretto with Lemon


  • amaretto, Disaronno is very good
  • fresh lemon slices, sliced thinly
  • ice, optional


  • Pour amaretto into rock glass or shooter of choice.
  • Squirt a little lemon juice on top (or bottom).
  • Hang a slice (or small wedge) of fresh lemon on the rim.
  • (Pour over ice if using a rock glass.)


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