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Grilled Ribeye Steakhouse Hoagies with Sweet Roasted Garlic & Black Cherry-Balsamic Chutney with Rosemary

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Is it improper etiquette to make “yummy sounds” when eating your own food? If it is, then my apologies! But I just couldn’t help myself! I was craving a good steak sandwich, but just wanted to add a little something extra to it. Something that makes you go, “Wow!” Something maybe a little sweet, a little tart, with an herby kick! So I climbed through the cupboards and crawled through the pantry and low and behold, in the very back, found a jar of Black Sweet Cherry Spreadable Fruit! Hey, that sounds like it would go really well with steak! And onto the counter it was plopped. Soon to join were balsamic vinegar and crushed rosemary, and a new chutney was born! Since I was planning on grilling some red onions, I didn’t need to add any. If I had had a bottle of red open, or at least an inexpensive one that my hubby wouldn’t miss, I would’ve added a splash of wine in there, too. But I wasn’t going to open a nice bottle for just this, so that didn’t make the cut. But honestly, it was so good that it didn’t even need it anyways. Since I wasn’t adding any wine to be reduced and I prefer crushed or ground rosemary over those long, sharp needle-like leaves that impale your gums and roof of your mouth, not a lot of cooking was going to be needed for the chutney, either. It all came together in a snap in just a small bowl in the microwave. So easy, I’ll be throwing this together a lot! It would be heavenly on toasted baguettes with melted brie, I’m sure! (Stick post-it note to forehead. ;))

The petite ribeyes and skewers of vegetables were all grilled at the same time over high heat with the lid open, turning each once, then removing the steaks to a plate to rest and grilling the veggies just a bit longer with the lid closed until the onions were crisp-tender.  







We like our steaks medium-rare to rare, but by all means make them how you enjoy them. And always remember, a good steak rarely really needs anything more than just salt and pepper. I used seasoned salt and coarse ground black pepper for this. Anything more can really mask the natural taste of the steak. Unless you’re going for a completely different style of dish, this is way to go! Same for the veggies with a little olive oil brushed on just before grilling. I roasted some elephant garlic the day before, piled everything on the some sturdy hoagie rolls, and topped with nice, thick slices of fresh mozzarella and broiled until the cheese was just melted. Topped with the black sweet cherry chutney, it was a steak sandwich worthy of royalty!



The one in the back was for the hubs. He wanted his veggies sautéed, so that’s what he got! 😉 We all like it how we like it, and I aim to please! 


Nice thick slices of fresh mozzarella!!


 And under the broiler we go! (And this time I didn’t burn the edges!) Gooey melted and almost done! 😉



Sprinkle with a little pepper, top with the black cherry chuntney, aaaaaaaand were done! So hope you give this a try! Enjoy! IMG_6456




Makes 4 steakhouse-style hoagies


1 head elephant garlic, top third cut off and excess loose paper peeled off

olive oil, salt and pepper for garlic

1 stick real butter, can sub with some olive oil if preferred

4 large sturdy hoagie rolls

4 petite ribeye steaks, or any steak of choice

1 (16 oz.) package fresh whole large button mushrooms

1 large red onion

1 lb. log of fresh mozzarella, sliced into 12 slices (mine came pre-sliced)

coarse ground black pepper


Black Cherry-Balsamic-Rosemary Chutney:

4 Tbl. Dickinson’s Black Sweet Cherry Fruit Spread

2 tsp. sweet aged balsamic vinegar

1/2 tsp crushed dried rosemary or fresh finely chopped



For roasted garlic:

Slice off top third of garlic, remove loose papers, place into foil-lined dish cut side-up, drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with a little salt and coarse ground black pepper. Bake in 375 degree oven for 45-1 hour covered tightly with foil or lid. Remove lid and bake 15-20 minutes longer until heads start rising up and they are very soft. Remove from oven and let rest, covered. When cooled a little, squeeze the heads out from the base and place into a small bowl. Drizzle the garlic-infused oil over them. (Don’t pitch that!)  

For the Black Cherry Chutney:

In microwave safe bowl, add and stir to mix all ingredients. Pop into microwave and nuke for 30 seconds on high or until melted. Remove with hot pad and stir well. Set aside, covered but vented, to let cool, thicken and rosemary soften. 

For the rest:

Heat grill to high. Salt and pepper steaks on both sides well, and set aside to come to room temp, covered. 

Rinse mud and dirt off mushrooms under cool water and set on paper towels to dry. Slice off top, (pointy-end), of red onion, and peel off outer layers of onion leaving bottom root end in tact. Slice in half through root end, then into 3/4-1″ wedges cutting through root end so that the wedges of onion hold together and the layers don’t seperate. Thread onion wedges and mushrooms onto skewers. (*If using wooden ones, soak in a tall glass of cold water to cover first so they don’t burn on the grill.)

When grill is nice and hot, place steaks and skewers of veggies onto grill. (Baste veggies with olive oil just beforehand.) Grill all for 10 minutes turning once. Watch for flare-ups.  If it flares up on you, just shut the lid for a few seconds. Remove steaks to platter to rest. Grill veggies a little longer if desired with lid closed until crisp-tender or to desired doneness. 

Open up hoagie rolls and butter or oil insides liberally. Place cut sides-down onto grill to LIGHTLY toast. (It will get toasted further.) Toast on grill with lid open.

Remove rolls to a foil-lined cookie sheet and top with torn pieces of roasted garlic. Thinly slice steak and top each evenly. Top with grilled veggies, cutting mushrooms in half if need be. Top with slices of fresh mozzarella and sprinkle with coarse ground pepper if desired. Place  back onto grill and close lid to toast and melt cheese. (*You can also do this under a broiler on low, but watch carefully so that you don’t burn the bread!) If you want to do this on the grill but don’t want the bread to get too toasty and hard, cradle each sandwich in foil and bring up sides to reflect the heat before placing onto cookie sheet. Then you don’t need to line the sheet with foil.

Remove hoagies to plates, top with black cherry-balsamic-rosemary chutney, and slice in half with sharp, serrated bread knife. ENJOY!

Serve with au jus if you like to dip them the way my hubby does! *I just make him a bowl of beef bouillon using 1 cup water, 1 rounded tsp. Superior Touch Better Than Bouillon Beef Base and a little bit of butter. MUCH better than those packets. I don’t like them. (Just nuke water and bouillon paste in bowl until boiling. Remove and stir to dissolve and melt. Stir in a little butter for creaminess and richness.)   

*If you like a little extra boost of flavor to your steaks, Montreal Steak Seasoning is a nice choice.  






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Friday 14th of June 2013

Thank you so very much, Karen! Much appreciated and thrilled that you like it. Now I'm sure you have many fabulous ideas of what to do with those beautiful cherries! Do let me know what you come up with!! Happy to have helped! And thanks again! :)


Friday 14th of June 2013

What a STUNNING set of photos Kelly and such a fab recipe too! I LOVE your blog and I will add it to the Lavender and Lovage blog link list! Karen